The Equity Alliance invests in diverse, emerging venture capital fund managers, with a focus on managers of color and women.


The Equity Alliance seeks to democratize access to capital and expand opportunities to partner with investors and entrepreneurs who would otherwise remain outside of our collective field of vision.

Through investment, collaboration, and education, the Equity Alliance is partnering with diverse, mission-aligned fund managers, providing strategic value that goes beyond capital.


The Equity Alliance was created because the pandemic and recent racial justice movement have further displayed systemic inequalities and injustices in American society which we have always known existed and yet never thoroughly challenged.

Asset Management is a $70 trillion industry, with only 1.3% of assets managed by diverse-owned firms. We recognize the urgency and see this as an opportunity.

We believe this year, and this moment, can be one of positive change that sets the foundation for a better and more inclusive future.


We are an alliance of investors, innovators, and operators who believe that diversity of background, thought, and perspective leads to better investment decisions and underlying company performance.

Claude Grunitzky

Claude Grunitzky, a Togolese American serial entrepreneur, is CEO and Managing Partner of the Equity Alliance. Claude’s previous ventures, TRACE and TRUE Africa, were funded by Goldman Sachs and Google. A graduate of London University and MIT, he is an author and community builder with a passion for teaching and mentorship. Claude sees this fund as an opportunity to create significant alpha.

“We believe our investments in diverse fund managers will help American entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds build businesses more effectively and create new jobs for the post-pandemic economy. In turn, diverse entrepreneurs and women will enjoy greater economic prosperity, resulting in healthier and more economically secure families and communities across the country.”

Richard “Dick” Parsons

Richard “Dick” Parsons, is the Chairman of the Equity Alliance. He is also the co-founder of R&R Venture Partners, the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Rockefeller Foundation, the former Chairman of Citigroup and the former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner. In launching this fund, Dick aspires to forge an inclusive community and contribute to a healthier, and more successful, entrepreneurial and investment environment.

“Access to capital is key to participation in economic growth and wealth creation. Our purpose here is to help assure that people of color and women have a fair shot at gaining that access and, with it, the opportunity to help build America. We are focused on an important part of the financial ecosystem that we think is an enabler and starting point for a broader and more equitable system.”


The Equity Alliance founders are:
Richard D. Parsons, Co-Founder, R&R Venture Partners; Ronald S. Lauder, Board Member of the Estée Lauder Companies; Kenneth LererBenjamin Lerer and Eric Hippeau, Managing Partners of Lerer Hippeau; Eric Zinterhofer, Founding Partner of Searchlight; Scott Kapnick, CEO of HPS Partners; and Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners.


The Equity Alliance advisory board members are:
Erdin Beshimov, Senior Director at MIT Open Learning; Payne Brown, President of THINK450; Vicki Fuller, Trustee at Blackstone Private Credit Fund; Hill Harper, Actor, author and entrepreneur; Max Jahn, Managing Director at R&R Venture Partners; Natalie Jenkins Sorrell, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at ERF Dallas; Stephanie Lampkin, Founder & CEO of Blendoor; Julia Paliare, Managing Director at RSL Investments; Xander Schultz, CEO of Galaxy Labs; and Richard Wayner, Managing Partner at Fort Greene Partners.



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